Mapping Our Way

Have you ever wondered what the average career looks like?
Have you been curious about how someone went from wanting to be a firefighter or politician while at school to being a technician on film sets or an Astronomer?
What about how to navigate times of career uncertainty or change? In this exhibition Amelia has mapped the career journey of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) professionals. By applying her mapping skills to careers she has found a way to visualise the complexity of professional lives, and hopes to inspire others to document their own career journeys, or dreams, in more creative ways.
Through this adventure, Amelia has found that careers are almost never linear, aren’t at all covered by what goes on your CV and certainly isn’t just what you’re paid for!

cartoon of a very vague career map

#42 What's the deal with the Career Maps?

In this episode I have a bit of a chat about what the career maps are, get a bit excited about somne of my theories about how they could help people beat imposter syndrome and invite you to come see them at an exhibition in Melbourne in July!

logo of the mapping my way exhibitionMashup of multiple career maps

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